Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Den Meeting October 14th

Today in Den Meeting I worked with some of the boys to pass off past things and record what they need. It looks like Jaren and Mitchel will get their outdoorsman pins next pack meeting. Jaren will also get his artist pin. A couple boys are very close with those two pins. If you want to look at the requirements you see that he has done it already, at school or home, or that he can do it easily. Make a note of things that your son does at home and send it with him. We will talke to him about that and pass it off. For outdoorsman they must do some camping. If your son has camped since he turned 10 make a note of that, if not look for an opportunity for him to do that. It is required for outdoorsman and outdoorsman is required for the Arrow of Light.

Yesterday the boys built a fire in my garden. Ron helped them and they talked about fire safety. They also put up a tent and practiced their double half hitch, and tautline knots. They had a good time working on these outside.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Den Meeting October 7th

Outdoorsman is a required pin for the Arrow of Light. We talked about the Leave No Trace Frontcountry Guidelines that are on page 72 in the book. We also talked about how to build a safe fire. The boys learned some knots that are good for putting up tents. We also talked about what you would need to take on a hike.
We had three boys attend. Danny, Max, and Derick