Tuesday, June 24, 2008


My purpose with this blog is to keep parents informed about what we have done or are working on in Webelos. My goal is to help each boy earn his Webelos advancement and then the Arrow of Light. I have been the Webelos Leader for about a year and half and I think I have a handle on the program. I have had 6 boys recieve their Arrow of Light, the highest award in Cub Scouting, and the only one that advances to Boy Scouts.

First of all to get the Webelos badge each boy must complete the requirements in his Webelos book on pages 49-51. We have done many of those and continue to work on them. If your son misses a meeting he may be missing some of these. He will have to make it up with you or arrange a time with us.

Two activity pins that are required for the Webelos are Fitness and Citizen.

We talked about Fitness early in the year. For this pin the boy must complete 7 out of 8 requirements on page 246 and 247 in his book. These include: read about meal planning, keep a record of what you eat, make a safety notebook, talk about tobacco, drugs, and alcohol. If your son has not earned this pin. Please help him do it.

Citizen we did at Camp. The presentation there was excellent. There are two things they didn't cover. #1 and #8 on page 144-146. #1 is the Character Connection we will talk about that at den meeting. #8 is the Citizen belt loop. The requirements for that are:
*Develop a list of jobs you can do around the home. Chart your progress for one week.
*Make a poster showing things that you can do to be a good citizen.
*Participate in a family, den, or school service project.
The stake is making a float for the 24th of July Parade. Tomorrow, June 25th at 6:00pm they will be painting leaves for the float. If your son could be there to help this will count for that service. Make a chart for jobs, do it for one week, bring it to show me, that will be done. We will make a poster together in den meeting.