Wednesday, July 9, 2008

July 9, 2008

Yesterday at our Webelos Den Meeting we made a poster about being a good citizen. Each of the boys there participated. That fulfilled the last requirement for the citizen belt loop. Some of the boys have now earned the citizenship pin. Remember this pin is required to get the Webelos Award. If your son was not at the meeting last week please do the character connection with him. Also if he has not completed a week of chores, or done a service project please work on those.

In the den meeting we also worked on the Naturalist pin that they started up at camp. At camp they did #7,#9,#10. We completed #5 and #6. So those boys there yesterday who went to camp will recieve the Naturalist pin.

We also worked on the Forester Pin. At camp they did #2 and we did #6 yesterday. We looked at a tree stump and talked about the tree rings.

These boys are doing very well. They are interested in what we learn. They want to earn the awards that we have been working so hard to earn. Please work with them so that they can accomplish their goals.


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